Application Materials


All supporting documents are now to be included within the application. You may use the information below as a checklist while completing your online application. Please note that, at any time, you may view the upload status of your transcript/letter of recommendation on the homepage of your application. Make sure to stop and save a draft of your application by clicking the “Save Draft” button at the bottom of the application.


High School and/or College Transcript

All transcripts will be requested and submitted through the online application.

  1. Log into the application portal and open your application. Choose “Open” under the section labeled “Transcript Request.”
  2. Please click “+New Request” to begin your transcript request. High school students (including dual enrollment students) will provide their high school counselor’s information. Once complete click the “Send” button to email your counselor instructions detailing how to upload your transcript directly to your application. Verify with your counselor that they’ve received the request, as it may have been forwarded to their “Spam” or “Trash” folders.

Current college students will need to request an official transcript from the Registrar’s Office on campus. You must then scan the transcript and upload it to the application yourself.

Please click “+New Request” and provide your personal email address. Click “Send” to receive instructions detailing how to upload your scanned transcript directly to your application.

Letter of Recommendation

The Foundation wants to know what others have to say about you. Please submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher/professor, religious leader, coach, employer, or others who have important roles in your life. It is wise to choose someone who knows you best and who can take the time to write a descriptive letter.

  1. Log into the application portal and open your application. Choose “Open” under the section labeled “Letter of Recommendation.”
  2. Please click the “+New Request” button to begin the process of requesting your letter of recommendation. Once the form opens complete the requested information fields and click the “Send” button. Once the request is sent your recommender will be emailed instructions on how to upload their letter of recommendation directly to your application.

Verify with the recommender that they received the request, as it may have been forwarded to their “Spam” or “Trash” folders. At any time, you may view the upload status of your recommendation letter on your application homepage.

SAT and/or ACT Scores

Please include a copy of your student score report. It does not need to be an official score report (a screenshot is acceptable.) High school students, including dual enrollment students, will upload a copy of your standardized test score reports. We accept super scores, so make sure to include score reports that display your highest section scores. If you are a current college student you are not required to upload a copy of your SAT or ACT scores.

IRS Form 1040

Students must submit a copy of the first two pages of their Parent/Guardian(s)’ most recent Federal IRS Form 1040. The pages must contain the “Adjusted Gross Income” of the filer(s). The form must be scanned/uploaded directly into the online application. If there is a reason you cannot provide these forms, please explain in the Financial Need Statement section of the application. In this case, a file must be uploaded in place of the 1040 (i.e. a Word document stating “will explain in Financial Need Statement”). You may also contact the Foundation directly with any questions.

You may submit 2022 tax forms if 2023 forms are not available. If submitting 2022 forms, please explain any significant income change and include an estimate of the current income.

Financial information is confidential and used by the office to estimate financial need; however, you must black out or remove the social security numbers. The documents will be destroyed 60 days after scholarships are awarded.


The essay not only demonstrates your writing ability but also portrays your personality and other qualities previously not listed on the application. The essay highlights the student beyond test scores and GPA. You may choose one of the following essay topics listed on the online application:

  • Describe a difficult time in your life. Did your perspective on life change as a result of the difficulty? How did you handle the challenge?
  • Discuss a significant activity, experience, or achievement in your life that you believe prepared you for college. Explain how and why.
  • Describe your hobby or something you are very passionate about. How do you think it has contributed to your personal development or personality?
  • Topic of your choice.

If applicable, you may submit an essay that you have written for college admission. However, make sure that it falls within our scholarship application parameters (i.e. approximately 500 words).

If uploading your essay to the online application, please include your full name and the essay prompt number at the top of the document.


Please include a list of extracurricular activities. You may either upload a copy of your resume directly or list activities you have participated in on the application.

Financial Need Statement

The cost of college is a financial burden to most families. Although the Foundation asks for specific income information on the application, please include any circumstance that may affect your family’s ability to pay for college. Loss of employment, death of parent, medical expenses, or having other siblings in college are all examples. This information is important during the application evaluation process. Please be as specific as possible.